Migrate Oracle E-Business Suite to the Cloud

Seamless cloud migration with minimal business disruption.

EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

The Lift & Shift (a.k.a. Move & Improve) Cloud migration model moves your existing applications to run on virtual servers in the cloud, using public or private Cloud platforms, without redesigning or re-implementing your applications. MAA Systems provides a proven, structured, and clear methodology to help you realize significant TCO reduction and improved performance as compared to on-prem with minimal disruption to business operations. If you are considering an EBS Upgrade, it’s an ideal time for migration to OCI.

  • Specialized Tools & Processes
  • Cloud Testing Center of Excellence
  • Cloud PaaS and DevOps Management
  • Minimal Business Disruption

Key Benefits of This Solution

Modernized Workloads

Leverage the inherent features of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to modernize and secure your Oracle workloads. Migration to OCI will drastically increase scalability and performance, while enabling you to better manage consumption.

Risk-free Deployment

MAA Systems brings greater IP, expertise, and acceleration tools that benefit our customers. Our culture of innovation enables customers to reduce risk and speed time-to-value.

Cost Savings

Once you move EBS to OCI, your systems will run better, faster and less expensively, offering your team the opportunity to focus on value-driving enhancements rather than spending time and money on aging on-premise infrastructure, frequent patching, and upgrades. Combine your EBS upgrade effort with seamless migration to OCI thus combining testing activities.