Oracle ERP Cloud

Empower Business with MAA System's Oracle ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Cloud)

What sets business leaders apart? It is the capability to adapt to changes. Mastek’s Oracle ERP Cloud is a comprehensive, modern ERP system that seamlessly connects critical business processes and allows for rapid adaptation to business challenges with continuous innovation and real-time analytics. Intelligent automation eliminates manual, labor-intensive tasks to unlock agility and efficiency. Advanced machine learning capabilities help you identify patterns and anomalies and recommend the best courses of action with off-the-shelf or custom dashboards that provide real-time, comprehensive views of operations and finances. With a modular approach, we can also deliver solutions that can be integrated with an organization's existing technology setup.


Our Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Modules Offerings

MAA Systems offers a complete suite of Oracle ERP Cloud solutions that gives you powerful capabilities to mitigate any enterprise challenges and generate exponential business value.

Gain the agility and insights you need to outperform in any market condition. Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP Modules helps you model and plan across enterprise applications.

Oracle Financials

Gain the agility to respond to changes quickly with a comprehensive view of your financial landscape with Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials. Increase productivity and improve business decisions with cutting-edge features like advanced analytics and reporting, intelligent assets and payables management, and automated revenue management.

Oracle Project Management

Unlock never-before efficiency in project management by leveraging Mastek’s Oracle ERP Project Management module. Plan, track, and collaborate on the fly, gain complete control over budgeting, forecasting, and reporting costs and revenues. Use predictive analysis to gain critical insights that define the success of your project. Balance capacity against demand and scale resources up and down fast to meet changes promptly.

Oracle Procurement Cloud

Simplify supplier management and procurement with advanced analytics and intuitive tools. Automatically increase profitability and compliance by directing purchases to authorized suppliers with negotiated prices. Unlock efficiency and productivity by leveraging pre-approved contract templates with built-in collaboration capabilities.

Oracle Risk Management and Compliance

Fulfill orders perfectly and consistently with minimal logistics costs while complying with fast-changing global regulations with Oracle Warehouse Management, Transportation Management, and Global Trade Management.

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud (EPM)

Oracle EPM Cloud enables you to analyze, understand, and report your business across relevant stakeholders by planning, budgeting, forecasting, communicating business performance, and consolidating financial results. Gain critical insights that drive improved business decisions.

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud (SCM)

Build a resilient, agile, and adaptable supply chain with Mastek’s Oracle SCM Cloud. Accelerate business performance with flexible and efficient supply chain planning and execution. Leverage integrated advanced technologies that enable you to exceed customer expectations with accurate demand forecasting and flawless products and services. Efficiently balance supply and demand and improve decision-making with predictive forecasts and trend analysis.