Technology Solutions that Empower K-12

Powering Technology: Districts need the features that Cloud Applications bring – automation, integration, ease-of-use, and self-service features – to stay compliant with changing regulatory requirements and simplify business processes.

Transforming Reporting Paradigms: Districts also need reporting solutions that are consolidated to support state reporting, but flexible enough to support the needs of each individual school. Our pre-built integrations accommodate many common K-12 technologies.

Reducing Risk and Speeding Time-to-Value: Everyone seems to be doing more with less these days, and school districts are no exception. The pandemic spotlighted education systems and put new demands on teachers and administrators to find fresh, cost-effective ways to provide education. Undertaking a new system implementation can be risky, so having a partner that knows the unique requirements of the K-12 industry is especially important.

  • Increase efficiencies and reduce TCO of back-office systems.
  • Spend more on resources for world-class instruction.
  • Comply with state reporting requirements.
  • Support the needs of individual schools.
  • Integrate existing technology for transportation, logistics management, and other systems.
  • Provide intuitive dashboards at both the district and school level.
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