Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)


MAA System's Comprehensive Suite of Automated Testing Services

At MAA Systems, we drive automation and innovation into your testing and QA processes throughout product development, implementation, and maintenance. We first strive to holistically understand your testing requirements across applications, customizations, integrations, and release cycles, then we tailor our testing solutions to meet your exact requirements. MAA Systems ’s proprietary tools and expertise with both open-source and licensed testing products enables us to build and execute a comprehensive test strategy to increase efficiency, agility, and accuracy to your testing cycles.

Advanced features included in each subscription to MAA Systems TaaS 4.0:

  • Streamlined Customer Onboarding: Fully secure and authenticated access to the TaaS portal to view subscription contracts and assign user level access.
  • Collaborative Test Plan & Schedule: View the scope of test scripts planned for upcoming cycles, including testing cadence and critical dates.
  • TaaS Project Status: See TaaS milestones, including script implementation, maintenance, and execution – all tracked in real time.
  • Test Execution Results Dashboard: View real-time test execution results, and easily switch between various cycles.
  • Test Execution Results Views View results in List View or Detailed View.

MAA Systems Testing-as-a-Service Solutions

Oracle Cloud Applications Testing-as-a-Service
Performance and Load Testing Services